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updated Nov 13
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1 - NEB

72-Carrier #2 Braider, 2BX Wire Carriers, 24” Capstan Wheel, Center Braid Tube, Wire Flattener for Flat Strap, 1HP Motor, Long Legs, Steel Base Plate

2 - NEB 48-Carrier #2 Harness Braiders, 2BX Wire Carriers w/Cop Holders, 24” Capstan Wheels, Center Braid Tubes, Motors, Long Legs, Steel Base Plates
2 - NEB 32-Carrier #2 Harness Braiders, Capstan Wheels, Center Braid Tubes, Carrier Guards, Motors, Long Legs, Steel Base Plates
1 - NEB 12-Carrier #2, 10” Capstan Wheel, FINCOR Motor, Long Legs
1 - TRENZ 64-Carrier Horizontal, Model 64/120, #02/2636, Sound Enclosure, 2002
3 - TMW 24-C Cable Braiders, 6” Horn Gears, Wire Carriers, Motors, 36” Capstans
1 - TMW

24-C Horizontal Cable Braider, 7” Horn Gears, Wire Carriers, Caterpuller

1 - TMW 36-C Horizontal Cable Braider, 9” Horn Gears, Wire Carriers, Caterpuller
1 - HACOBA 24-C Braider, Model DF24
1 - WARDWELL 24-Carrier, Individual Motor, Take-up & Payoff, Newer Style Frame
1 - WARDWELL 16-Carrier “Speedmaster 150”, 3/4HP Motor, less Payoff and Take-up
6 - WARDWELL 16-C Braiders  
11 - WARDWELL 12-Carrier, Wire, 24” Payoffs and Take-ups, Individual Motors
2 - HASSLER 41-Carrier Braiders

Double Head 16-C Braider, Type/K80/16-K120/12  

The List AboveEquipment is offered on an immediate basis. If you have an interest in this equipment, or any equipment not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that all listed equipment is offered on an "As-Is, Where-Is Basis, Subject to prior sale or deletion," and that some individual items are offered "Subject To, and may require final seller approval."
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